JAR Flavour House is a leading Polish producer of wide range of flavours aimed MAINLY at food industry. JAR is certified with HACCP and ISO 9001: 2015 and provides high quality products at competitive price. JAR cooperates with leading food producers both in Europe and on other continents. JAR flavours are available from 1 kg size.

We have obtained KOSHER and HALAL certificates for selected products.


JAR Flavours in liquid form

* products written in blue colour contain ethyl alcohol

       Index                    Flavour Name      Remarks
335-746Acai berrymin order 10 kg
335-065Acid drop
335-282Advocat K concentrated
335-383Almond C
335-201Almond C2 concentratedmin order 10 kg
335-758Almond cream – coconutmin order 30 kg
335-190Almond K
335-259Almond K concentratedmin order 30 kg
334-504Aloe Vera C
335-742Aloe with Pomelo
335-030Amaretto Cmin order 30 kg
335-173Anise B
334-431Aperolettomin order 8 kg
335-154Apple B
335-054Apple C
335-127Apple E
335-274Apple E concentrated
335-058Apple Golden
335-440Apple Juicy 
335-565Juicy apple KB                                min order 25 kg
335-398Apple Pie J
335-762Apple-Blackcurrantmin order 30 kg
335-790Apple-Creammin order 30 kg
335-768Apple-Pearmin order 30 kg
335-786Apple-Pineapplemin order 30 kg
335-443Apricot Blush 
335-136Apricot Dmin order 30 kg
335-272Apricot D concentrated
335-192Apricot D2min order 30 kg
335-157Aronia-Blueberry K
335-103Baked Apple C
335-467Baked milk Cmin order 30 kg
335-130Banana C
335-271Banana C concentrated
335-621Banana Sweet
335-788Banana-Anisemin order 30 kg
335-749Banana-Creammin order 30 kg
335-015Berberis Jmin order 10 kg
335-399Biscuit C
335-085Biscuit Sweet C
335-353Bitter (Vermouth)min order 30 kg
335-387Black Sesame K
335-174Blackberry Bmin order 30 kg
335-309Blackberry concentrated
335-133Blackcurrant D
335-184Blackcurrant D concentrated
335-146Blackcurrant Emin order 10 kg
335-286Blackcurrant E concentrated
335-782Blackcurrant-Cherrymin order 30 kg
335-781Blackcurrant-Nectarinemin order 30 kg
335-167Blueberry C
335-273Blueberry E concentrated
334-115Blueberry European
335-748Blueberry-Creammin order 30 kg
335-778Blueberry-Yoghurtmin order 30 kg
335-123Brandy K
334-472Brandy-Orange K2min order 25 kg
335-118Bubble Gum K
335-108Bubble Gum K4
335-205Butter Extra
335-238Butter First Choice
335-305Butter J
335-263Butter K concentratedmin order 30kg
338-106Butter Z
335-336Butter-Cream E concentrated
335-392Butterscotch J
335-304Butter-Vanilla Emin order 30kg
335-138Cactus E
335-113Cactus E concentrated
335-753Cactus- Lime K
335-439Cactus Pear 
335-736Cactus-Creammin order 30kg
335-027Caffe Latte Cmin order 30kg
335-106Candy Floss K
335-112Cappuccino concentrated
335-011Caramelmin order 30kg
335-246Caramel Bitter 
335-374Caramel D
335-035Caramel Twins
335-031Caramel-milk dessert
335-622Caribbean Cocktailmin order 30 kg
335-397Champagne Kmin order 10 kg
335-388Cheese Cake J
335-129Cherry C1 concentrated
335-278Cherry C3 concentrated
335-287Cherry E concentratedmin order 30kg
335-239Cherry for candies
335-421Cherry I concentrated
335-769Cherry in chocolatemin order 30 kg
335-189Cherry K
335-258Cherry K concentrated
335-381Cherry K2min order 30 kg
335-794Cherry-Creammin order 30 kg
335-269Chocolate concentrated
335-363Chocolate D
335-373Chocolate Dark D
335-316Chocolate Hot
335-341Chocolate K
335-317Chocolate Milk
335-063Chocolate Milk D
335-012Chocolate Mousse
335-020Chocolate White
335-234Cinnamon C TAmin order 30kg
335-134Cinnamon D
335-779Cinnamon-Applemin order 30kg
335-233Clove Dmin order 30kg
335-364Cocoa E
335-306Cocoa Liquer K
335-163Coconut B
335-143Coconut C
335-335Coconut C concentrated
335-047Coconut Cookie
335-215Coffee D2min order 30 kg
335-375Cognac Kmin order 30 kg
335-225Cola C for Candies
335-342Condensed Milk C concentrated
335-456Condensed Milk C2                            min order 30 kg
335-476Cookie belgian
335-521Cool Ice                                                
335-522Cool Mint                                            
335-084Cornish Cream C
335-357Cottage Cheese D
335-105Cranberry C
335-436Cranberry Dessert Typemin order 30 kg
335-194Cranberry K
335-218Cranberry Wildmin order 30 kg
335-003Cream concentrated
335-095Cream for bakery
335-088Cream for confectionery
334-328Cream Home-made
335-125Cream K
335-096Cream L
335-367Cream Sweet C
335-092Cream Whipped C
335-376Creamy Filling Dmin order 30 kg
335-156Creamy Pudding K
335-362Crème Brûlée K
335-090Creme de la Creme
335-062Crème fraîchemin order 30 kg
335-803Cuba Libremin order 30 kg
335-802Daiquirimin order 30 kg
335-087Dulce de leche
335-431Egg liqueur min order 30 kg
335-369Elderberry K
335-470Energy Drink 
335-025Espresso J
335-176Exotic B
335-214Exotic Jmin order 30 kg
335-132Forest Fruits D
335-187Forest Fruits D concentrated
335-386Forest Fruits E
335-791Forest Fruits in Creammin order 30 kg
335-770Forest Fruits in Yoghurtmin order 30 kg
335-298Forest Fruits Smoothie
335-052Fruits Garden typemin order 30 kg
335-109Fruity Gingerbread Cmin order 30 kg
335-390Fudge K
335-110Ginger K
335-230Gingerbread C TA
335-171Gingerbread-Spicy B
335-800Godfathermin order 30 kg
335-307Goji Kmin order 10 kg
335-252Gooseberry K concentrated
335-464Graham crackermin order 30 kg
335-366Grape Red Fmin order 30 kg
335-195Grape Red K
335-196Grape White K
334-015Grapefruit K
334-344Grapefruit Pomelo
334-483Grapefruit Red
334-345Grapefruit Sweetie
334-484Grapefruit Whitemin order 25 kg
335-291Green Apple F
335-354Grenadine C
335-222Guava F
335-219Halve J concentrated
335-333Hazelnut concentrated
335-270Hazelnut D concentrated
335-232Hazelnut D3
335-328Honey H
335-385Honey K
335-438Honey Multiflower 
335-799Honey-Lemonmin order 25 kg
335-774Honey-Yoghurtmin order 30 kg
330-325Ice C
335-765Irish Cream
334-460Irish Whisky K concentrated
335-018Jasmine Dmin order 30 kg
min order 8 kg
335-191Kiwi K
335-279Kiwi K concentrated
335-382Kvass K (bread drink)min order 30 kg
330-305Lemon B
330-309Lemon Dmin order 25 kg
334-011Lemon for confectionery
335-121Lemon Juicy C
338-515Lemon K
338-512Lemon ripemin order 25 kg
335-461Lemon sourmin order 25 kg
335-789Lemon-Honeymin order 25 kg
335-446Lemonade Classic min order 25 kg
334-343Lime Jmin order 25 kg
335-223Lime J1
334-353Lime Palermo
335-285Liquorice K concentrated
335-213Lychee C concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-444Lychee Chinese
335-253Mango E concentrated
335-297Mango Juicy
335-145Maple C
335-280Maple C concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-811Margaritamin order 30 kg
335-766Marulamin order 10 kg
335-220Marzipan J concentrated
335-083Mascarpone D
335-360Melon F
335-290Milk E concentrated
335-294Milk E2 concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-037Milk-Vanilla PLOMBIR
335-455Milk Warm                                          min order 10 kg
331-051Mint C conc.
335-572Mint Garden type CBmin order 30 kg
335-256Mint Garden type concentrated
335-064Mint Garden type
335-394Mint Sweet
335-787Mint-Applemin order 30 kg
335-772Mint-Lemonmin order 25 kg
335-804Mojitomin order 25 kg
335-370Mulled winemin order 30 kg
335-043Multifruit D
335-044Multivitamin D
335-131Nectarine D
335-188Nectarine D concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-780Nectarine-Creammin order 30 kg
335-349Nougat D
335-057Oat flakes
334-014Orange Blood K
330-314Orange J
330-316Orange Jaffa
335-117Orange Juicy J
335-241Orange TA min order 30 kg
335-743Orange-Gingermin order 8 kg
334-475Panettonemin order 25 kg
335-164Panna Cotta D
335-292Papaya Fmin order 30 kg
335-217Passion fruit D concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-358Peach F
335-412Peach I
335-442Peach Velvet 
335-775Peach-Cottage Cheesemin order 30 kg
335-180Peanut B
335-038Peanut Butter
335-071Peanut Kmin order 30 kg
335-036Peanut-caramel bar
335-356Pear C
335-289Pear C concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-763Pear-Pistachiomin order 30 kg
335-805Pinacoladamin order 30 kg
335-175Pineapple B
335-211Pineapple C concentrated
335-299Pineapple Thaimin order 30 kg
335-785Pineapple-Coconutmin order 30 kg
335-783Pineapple-Wild Strawberrymin order 30 kg
335-808Pink Panthermin order 30 kg
335-221Pistachio J concentrated
335-448Pistachio premium
335-371Plum E
335-208Prune K2
335-209Prune K2 concentrated
335-801Quattromin order 30 kg
335-293Quince D concentrated
335-773Raisin-Cottage Cheesemin order 30 kg
335-151Raspberry B
335-181Raspberry C
335-261Raspberry C concentrated
335-186Raspberry D
335-276Raspberry D concentrated
335-055Raspberry Sweet
335-784Raspberry-Coconutmin order 30 kg
335-798Raspberry-Creammin order 30 kg
334-338Red Power K
335-165Rose B
335-437Rose Damascusmin order 10 kg
335-308Rose Hip K
335-745Rowanberrymin order 30kg
335-434Rubi lemonade
335-153Rum Bmin order 30 kg
335-389Rum C
335-391Rum C1
334-210Rum drymin order 18 kg
335-281Rum K concentrated
335-059Rum Panamamin order 30 kg
335-384Rum Raisins & Nutsmin order 30 kg
335-750Sambucamin order 30kg
335-107Scandinavian Fruits C
335-243Sea Backthornmin order 10 kg
335-806Sex on the Beachmin order 30 kg
335-248Sour creammin order 10 kg
335-183Spicy B concentrated
335-102Sponge Cake K
335-203Sponge Cake traditionalmin order 30 kg
335-754Straciatella Jmin order 30 kg
335-061Strawberry C concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-284Strawberry D concentrated
335-265Strawberry Delicious
335-902Strawberry Dessert typemin order 30 kg
335-324Strawberry Garden type
335-411Strawberry I
335-579Strawberry IB min order 30 kg
335-141Strawberry in Cream
335-098Strawberry in Cream concentrated
335-078Strawberry J
335-197Strawberry K
335-251Strawberry K concentrated
335-368Strawberry Kashubian type
335-295Strawberry Spanish type min order 30 kg
335-441Strawberry Premium
335-041Summer Fruits
335-672Sweet Berries
335-503Sweet Cherry D
335-053Sweet Cherry K
335-738Sweet cherry-cream min order 30 kg
335-350Tea Black J
335-379Tea Green J
335-380Tea Jasmine Emin order 30 kg
335-343Tiramisu D concentrated
335-365Tiramisu D2min order 30 kg
335-021Toffeemin order 30 kg
335-158Toffee C
335-177Toffee C1min order 30 kg
335-327Toffee Premiummin order 30 kg
335-267Toffee Premium concentrated
334-417Tropic B concentrated
335-755Trufflemin order 30 kg
330-321Tutti Frutti B conc.
335-168Vanilla Borneo
335-303Vanilla Bourbon K
335-623Vanilla Classic
335-002Vanilla concentrated
335-393Vanilla Custard Cmin order 30 kg
335-340Vanilla D concentrated
335-032Vanilla Dessert typemin order 30 kg
335-359Vanilla Emin order 30 kg
335-099Vanilla for bakery
335-089Vanilla for confectionery
335-091Vanilla French Kmin order 30 kg
335-086Vanilla Madagascar
335-066Vanilla Marshmallows
335-325Vanilla Mexicanamin order 30 kg
335-082Vanilla Tahiti
335-178Vanilla-Cream B concentrated
335-320Vanilla-Milk concentrated
335-202Vermouthmin order 30 kg
335-182Walnut Bmin order 30 kg
335-139Walnut C
335-114Walnut C concentratedmin order 30 kg
335-344Walnut C1min order 30 kg
335-048Watermelon D
335-378Watermelon E
335-578Watermelon EBmin order 30 kg
335-051White Strawberry-Pineberry
335-744Whole Grain Cookiemin order 10 kg
335-198Whole Meal Bread Kmin order 30 kg
335-345Wild Strawberry C1
335-135Wild Strawberry Dmin order 10 kg
335-268Wild Strawberry D concentrated
335-410Wild Strawberry I
335-432Wild Strawberry Royal
335-793Wild Strawberry-Creammin order 30 kg
335-395Wine Red Fmin order 30 kg
335-396Wine White Fmin order 30 kg
335-361Woodruff Kmin order 30 kg
335-351Yoghurt Dmin order 30 kg
335-760Yoghurt-Lemonmin order 30 kg
335-777Yoghurt-Peachmin order 30 kg
335-712Yoghurt-Pearmin order 30 kg
335-776Yoghurt-Pineapplemin order 30 kg
335-757Yoghurt-Raspberrymin order 30 kg
335-771Yoghurt-Strawberrymin order 30 kg
335-122Zabayone C
335-338Zabayone K concentratedmin order 30kg


JAR Flavours in POWDER form


IndexFlavouring NameRemarks
336-237Acid drop
336-208Advocat K
336-162Almond K
336-187Apple E
336-277Apple Golden
336-184Banana C
336-246Biscuit C
336-177Blackcurrant D
336-144Blueberry C
336-242Bubble gum
336-151Butter K
336-214Butter-Vanilla E
336-207Cactus E
336-347Caramel Twins
336-171Cherry K
336-228Chocolate D2
336-250Chocolate K
336-273Chocolate white
336-337Chocolate natural
336-193Coconut C
336-238Cola C
336-215Condensed milk C
336-240Cookies & Cream
336-258Cranberry C
336-223Creme Brûlée K
336-204Gingerbread C
336-155Gooseberry K
336-051Grapefruit K
336-217Grenadine C
336-312Kiwi K
336-183Lemon C
336-020Lemon WONF
336-015Mint FTNF
336-172Nectarine D
336-297Orange G
336-219Peach F
336-168Peanut Butter
336-105Peanut Butter (without allergens)
336-220Pear C
336-181Pineapple C
336-402Raspberry C concentrated
336-188Raspberry D
336-222Rum K2
336-128Sponge Cake K
336-253Scandinavian Fruits
336-199Strawberry D
336-226Strawberry Kashubian type
336-216Tiramisu D
336-138Tropic B
336-317Vanilla J
336-316Vanilla-Cream B
336-202Whipped Cream
336-139Wild Strawberry
336-405Yoghurt D concentrated

JAR Flavourings in POWDER, on special request


IndexFlavouring NameRemarks
336-362Almond Naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-345Apple J naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-274Apple Piemin order: 50 kg
336-244Aronia-blueberrymin order: 50 kg
336-357Banana WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-158Banana Sweetmin order: 50 kg
336-279Beermin order: 50 kg
336-232Black Sesame Kmin order: 50 kg
336-272Black Tea J                                    min order: 50 kg
336-329Blackcurrant D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-212Blackberrymin order: 50 kg
336-359Blueberry European naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-341Butter D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-245Caramel Dmin order: 50 kg
336-127Cheesecakemin order: 50 kg
336-291Cherry Gmin order: 50 kg
336-334Cherry K WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-157Cherry-Chocolatemin order: 50 kg
336-125Chocolate milkmin order: 50 kg
336-178Cinnamon Dmin order: 50 kg
336-340Clove naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-287Cocoa Liquer Kmin order: 50 kg
336-116Coconut Cookiemin order: 50 kg
336-210Coffeemin order: 50 kg
336-278Coffeefeemin order: 50 kg
336-349Cola C naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-118Cookie Belgian                                    min order: 50 kg
336-254Cottage Cheesemin order: 50 kg
336-343Cranberry C WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-315Creme de la crememin order: 50 kg
336-319Cream sourmin order: 50 kg
336-229Creamy filling Dmin order: 50 kg
336-252Creamy Pudding Kmin order: 50 kg
336-289Energy Drinkmin order: 50 kg
336-163Floss Candymin order: 50 kg
336-173Forest fruits Dmin order: 50 kg
336-264Forest Fruits Smoothiemin order: 50 kg
336-114Gianduiamin order: 50 kg
336-378Ginger FTNFmin order: 50 kg
336-364Gingerbread naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-251Gingerbread Fruity                        min order: 50 kg
336-027Ginger-Orange                                min order: 50 kg
336-112Graham cracker                               min order: 50 kg
336-165Green Teamin order: 50 kg
336-191Hazelnut Dmin order: 50 kg
336-221Honeymin order: 50 kg
336-230Ice Cmin order: 50 kg
336-186Irish Whisky                                   min order: 50 kg
336-070Lemonade Ruby                             min order: 50 kg
336-262Lime Palermomin order: 50 kg
336-061Lime-Lemonmin order: 50 kg
336-041Mandarine Kmin order: 50 kg
336-369Mango naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-263Mango Juicymin order: 50 kg
336-198Maplemin order: 50 kg
336-224Marzipan Jmin order: 50 kg
336-282Mascarponemin order: 50 kg
336-270Mint Sweetmin order: 50 kg
336-012Mint Garden Typemin order: 50 kg
336-411Mojitomin order: 50 kg
336-133Multitropicmin order: 50 kg
336-021Orange naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-129Panna Cotta Dmin order: 50 kg
336-276Panettone                                               min order: 50 kg
336-213Passionfruitmin order: 50 kg
336-134Peach I                                                   min order: 50 kg
336-348Peanut-Caramel barmin order: 50 kg
336-344Pineapple naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-076Pistachio premium                              min order: 50 kg
336-310Plombir                                                  min order: 50 kg
336-335Raspberry D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-149Red Grape Kmin order: 50 kg
336-069Red Powermin order: 50 kg
336-257Rhubarbmin order: 50 kg
336-235Rose hip Kmin order: 50 kg
336-284Stracciatellamin order: 50 kg
336-338Strawberry WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-124Vanilla Frenchmin order: 50 kg
336-331Vanilla D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-355Vanilla K WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-121Vanilla Rmin order: 50 kg
336-126Wafermin order: 50 kg
336-156Walnut Bmin order: 50 kg
336-068Watermelon Dmin order: 50 kg
336-072Wild Strawberry Royal                       min order: 50 kg
336-336Wild Strawberry naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-045Yuzumin order: 50 kg




 JAR natural flavourings in LIQUID
IndexFlavouring NameRemarks
339-028Almond C natural
339-001Anise J WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-029Apple J WONF
339-018Banana C WONF
339-074Basil naturalmin order: 8 kg
339-041Blackberry natural
339-027Blackcurrant D WONF
339-060Blueberry European natural
339-024Butter D WONF
339-023Caramel C WONF
339-026Cherry C WONF
339-021Cherry K WONF
339-033Chocolate D natural
339-015Cinnamon K WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-056Coconut WONF
339-042Cola natural
339-002Cough Candy- Eucalyptus WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-035Cranberry C WONF
339-206Cranberry-Raspberry naturalmin order: 10kg
339-022Cream K natural
339-058Dulce de leche naturalmin order: 10 kg
339-049Gingerbread naturalmin order: 10 kg
339-068Grapefruit K WONFmin order: 25 kg
339-080Hazelnut AF Natural
339-085Hazelnut WONF                            
min order: 8 kg
339-061Honey K WONFmin order: 10 kg
330-307Lemon B1 WONF
334-021Lemon B2 WONF
339-053Lemon FTNF
338-503Lemon L WONF
330-311Lemon Sorrento WONF
339-077Lemon-Mint WONFmin order: 25 kg
339-063Lime WONFmin order: 8 kg
339-039Liquorice WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-078Mango natural 
339-040Marzipan naturalmin order: 10 kg
339-075Milk warm naturalmin order: 10 kg
334-203Mint FTNF
339-044Mint Garden type natural
330-318Orange bitter WONFmin order: 8 kg
334-012Orange for confect. FTNF
339-052Orange FTNF
338-501Orange L FTNF
339-003Paregoric / Anisemin order: 10 kg
339-036Peach natural
339-019Pineapple C WONF
339-071Quince WONF 
339-004Raspberry D WONF
339-066Raspberry D2 WONF
339-037Rum C WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-062Rum K WONF
339-043Scandinavian Fruits natural
339-014Spicy natural min order: 10 kg
339-070Strawberry C WONF
339-065Strawberry J WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-020Strawberry K WONF
339-073Strawberry W WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-047Tiramisu naturalmin order: 10 kg
339-017Vanilla D WONF
339-079Vanilla dry WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-031Vanilla FTNF
339-048Vanilla K WONF
339-025Vanilla-Milk WONFmin order: 10 kg
339-046Walnut naturalmin order: 10 kg
339-038Wild Strawberry natural
339-057Yoghurt naturalmin order: 10 kg
 JAR natural flavourings in POWDER
IndexFlavouring NameRemarks
336-362Almond Naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-357Banana WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-329Blackcurrant D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-359Blueberry European naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-341Butter D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-334Cherry K WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-337Chocolate natural
336-340Clove naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-349Cola C naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-343Cranberry C WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-378Ginger FTNFmin order: 50 kg
336-364Gingerbread naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-020Lemon WONF
336-369Mango naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-015Mint FTNF
336-021Orange naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-344Pineapple naturalmin order: 50 kg
336-335Raspberry D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-338Strawberry WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-331Vanilla D WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-335Vanilla K WONFmin order: 50 kg
336-336Wild Strawberry naturalmin order: 50 kg


JAR MASKING flavours


         Index                 Flavour Name           Format
                                                        in liquid
Minimal order quantity 10 kg
340-033Chocolate naturalliquid
340-064Garden mintliquid
340-001Masking Aliquid
340-002Masking Bliquid
340-008Sweetening aromaliquid
340-007SweetFit Beverageliquid
340-178Vanilla – creamliquid
340-090Vanilla – crème de la crèmeliquid
                                                        in powder
Minimal order quantity 25 kg
346-359Blueberry Europeanpowder – per request
346-215Condensed Milkpowder
346-223Creme Brûléepowder
346-020Lemon natural WONFpowder
346-001Masking Apowder – per request
346-002Masking Bpowder – per request
346-316Vanilla – creampowder
346-355Vanilla K WONFpowder – per request

TOBACCO JAR Flavours in liquid

IndexFlavour NameRemarks
335-630Tobacco Aloe Vera TBmin order 25 kg
335-677Tobacco American Classicmin order 10 kg
335-641Tobacco Applemin order 30 kg
335-644Tobacco Apple Twinsmin order 30 kg
335-633Tobacco Bergamot TB               
min order 30 kg
335-603Tobacco Blackcurrant                       
min order 30 kg
335-643Tobacco Blueberry Icemin order 30 kg
335-433Tobacco Blueberry Mint                     min order 30 kg
335-629Tobacco Bubble Gum TB                   min order 30 kg
335-697Tobacco C2min order 10 kg
335-647Tobacco Cactusmin order 30 kg
335-640Tobacco Cactus TB                       
min order 30 kg
335-646Tobacco Cherrymin order 30 kg
335-678Tobacco Cool Apple
335-680Tobacco Cool Apple MAXmin order 30 kg
335-627Tobacco Cool Apple TPD2
335-679Tobacco Cool Grape
335-636Tobacco Cool Grape TB                       min order 30 kg
335-648Tobacco Coolingmin order 30 kg
335-602Tobacco Crazy Bubble               
min order 30 kg
335-696Tobacco D2min order 10 kg
335-637Tobacco Green Tea TBmin order 30 kg
335-673Tobacco Havanamin order 30 kg
335-695Tobacco J2min order 10 kg
335-639Tobacco Jasmine TB                     
min order 30 kg
335-638Tobacco Juicy Orange TB           
min order 30 kg
335-698Tobacco K2min order 10 kg
335-676Tobacco Luxor Classicmin order 30 kg
335-649Tobacco Magicmin order 30 kg
335-642Tobacco Mangomin order 30 kg
335-634Tobacco Mango TBmin order 30 kg
335-670Tobacco Mistmin order 25 kg
335-635Tobacco Papaya TBmin order 25 kg
335-668Tobacco Raspberrymin order 10 kg
335-651Tobacco Red Velvetmin order 30 kg
335-674Tobacco Royalmin order 30 kg
335-645Tobacco Scarlet Royalmin order 30 kg
335-699Tobacco Strawberrymin order 30 kg
335-675Tobacco Turkish Blendmin order 30 kg
335-650Tobacco Vanilla Dessertmin order 30 kg
335-660Tobacco Virginia Bluesmin order 30 kg
335-669Tobacco Watermelonmin order 10 kg
335-661Tobacco Watermelon MImin order 30 kg
335-628Tobacco Watermelon TBmin order 30 kg
335-601Tobacco Winter Teamin order 30 kg

JAR Flavours for FISH BAITS

IndexFlavour NameFormat
335-537Apricot DB1liquid
335-541Banana CB1liquid
335-543Blackcurrant DB1liquid
335-549Chocolate DB1liquid
335-547Forest Fruit BB1liquid
335-555Kiwi KB1liquid
335-551Lime  JB1liquid
335-559Maize AB1liquid
335-553Peach IB1liquid
335-535Pineapple BB1liquid
335-539Plum  EB1liquid
335-545Strawberry AB1liquid
Minimal order quantity 20 kg