Discover with us the world of flavours

Discover with us the world of flavours

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At present, we offer over 500 flavors in both, liquid and powder form.

This list is constantly expanding. Annually, dozens of recipes are created.

40 years of experience


They are widely used in various fields of the food industry, namely in the production of cakes, ice cream, desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and dairy.


We also offer many food additives such as natural food colors, identical with natural and synthetic, stabilizers and many more.



The main part of our offer are food flavourings in liquid and powder form.

Food colours

Food colors are food additives that give or restore color to foods.

Food additives

The offer includes many food additives, such as colourants, essential oils, vanillin, cocoa powder and agar.

Essential oils

The essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing volatile aromas and has healing properties.Therefore, etheric essences willingly use cosmetology, natural medicine and aromatherapy.

Perfumery compositions

Chromatography analysis

The service consists in examining the chemical composition of natural and synthetic aromas, fragrances and essential oils as well as individual chemical compounds.



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