Sweet Booster Flavour – NEW!

October 13, 2022

We are happy to present you our new solution – Sweet Booster Flavour.

Natural Sweetening Flavour clean label product.

The flavour consists of carefully selected mix of natural ingredients and flavouring preparations which results in receiving so called: „clean label” product.

Benefits of JAR Sweet Booster’s use:

  • delivers appetizing notes to products
  • reduction of sugar and sweeteners amount in the product
  • free from strange and metallic aftertaste
  • suppressing of acidity and sharpness
  • results in longer feeling of the products sweeteness
  • content: only natural flavouring ingredients and preparations
  • labelling: natural flavouring

User’s feedback:

Energy drink manufacturer: „thanks to sweet booster we managed to optimize production cost”.

∼Soft drink manufacturer: „our product gained some additional appetizing notes after applying the flavour”.

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